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PROMO classes
Full Term Classes bookings are for Term 3 (8th May - 2nd Jul)



A special bundle deal for all beginners!

 Come and explore the beautiful world of pole dance and fitness with any of the two bundle deals:

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


This bundle focuses on building a strong foundation that arms you with proper techniques that allow you to continue your pole journey safely.


Get two terms of beginner level classes at a special rate of $388 (U.p $450).


Beginner 1 (1st term) + Beginner 2 (2nd term)



This bundle is for beginner polers looking to explore the different categories that the pole dance & fitness~ from exotic to conditioning and non heels choreo..


Choose any beginner level class alongside with a beginner 1 level class and get a special rate of $388 (U.p $450).


Beginner 1 + Any beginner level class*


* Exo bites 1

* Pole choreo (non- heel) beginner

* Pole Conditioning & Flex

* Backbends & Splits


• Bundles are non-refundable, non- transferable or non-exchangeable

• Bundles must be used within the time frame as indicated:

- Fundamental ( two conseqcutive term)

- Taster (within same term)

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